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News 09.04.2018 17:26


First Publications and Amendments (some of them; more recent news - closer to the bottom):

*  For organ:  OVERTURE   (amendment of 01/11/2013)

*  For woodwinds:  QUINTET, MOV.4, SCORE 2 10/01/2015

*  For piano:  DELICATO E CON CONIO (amendment of 16/09/2015)

*  For voice and piano:  WHY? No 2 (amendment of 16/09/2015)

*  For woodwinds:  QUINTET, MOV.2, SCORE 1 and 2 (amendment of 03.10.2015)


Do stones not live? (amendment of 03.10.2015)

Evening Reflection on God's Greatness   (amendment of 03.10.2015)

Frost   (amendment of 03.10.2015)

Morning Reflection on God's Greatness   (amendment of 10.11.2015)

*  PRELUDE I for organ solo     10.11.2015

*  PRELUDE II for organ solo     23.11.2015

*  ALBUMBLATT for piano     09.02.2016

*  SPRING (D-dur), for mixed choir     14.02.2016

*  GEFUNDEN  (lyrics by J.Goethe)

for bariton, mixed choir and piano/organ     09.02.2016

for bariton and piano/organ     09.02.2016

*  PRELUDE III for organ solo   (amendment of 19.02.2016)

*  PRELUDE IV for organ solo 25.05.2016

*  ALBUMBLATT - New Amendment, of 25.05.2016 (Important for those who downloaded it earlier.) 

*  PRELUDE V for organ solo  2.7.2016

*  PRELUDE VI for organ solo  20.9.2016

*  PRELUDE VII for organ solo  20.9.2016

*  PRELUDE VIII for organ solo  20.9.2016

*  SUITE for Organ  14.5.2017

*  SUITE for Wind Orchestra  31.5.2017

*  BALLADE for Piano 16.6.2017

*  Since my articles at this site somehow got blocked, here I give references, where the articles are accessible to the reader:

in German:  Was muss man für Musik halten?

in English (shorter version):  What's to be and what's not to be considered as Music? and What's to Be and What's Not to Be Considered As Music?

*  Released: Revised versions of BALLADE (of 2.4.2018) and AlBUMBLATT (4.4.2018)


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